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About the Kynosarges Excavation Records

In early 1896 Cecil Smith, Director of the British School at Athens, was looking for a site to excavate in Athens for two reasons: for the BSA to contribute to the knowledge of Athenian topography and, more so perhaps, to use the opportunity as a training ground for students who would then move on to the BSA excavations being planned on the island of Melos. On the advice of Dr Wilhem Dörpfeld, then Director of the German Archaeological Institute at Athens, and, after securing private funds, Smith decided to excavate a plot of open ground south-west of the Olympieion, on the south bank of the Ilissos River which was thought to be the site of Kynosarges with its public gymnasium and shrine to Heracles. Excavation began on the 10th of March 1896 and carried on into the middle of April before breaking off for BSA excavations to start in Melos. The Kynosarges excavations were continued again later in the winter of 1896 and the spring of 1897. Over these seasons the foundations of a large gymnasium with a later Roman bath house constructed over it were discovered as well as burials dating to the 6th-5th century B.C.. Results were published piecemeal in articles in the Annual of the British School at Athens or the Journal of Hellenic Studies dedicated to the inscriptions, the vases or the architectural features.

Excavation Notebook, Notes, Letter [KYN 1], Excavation Notebook, Notes, Letter, 1896

Notebook with site notes and other loose notes inserted in middle of notebook as well as 1 letter in the back

Kynosarges-Melos Notebook [KYN 2], Kynosarges-Melos Notebook, 1896

Notebook with site notes plue loose notes and 1 letter in back. Notes include bothe sites of Kynosarges and Melos.

Excavation Notebook, Notes [KYN 3], Excavation Notebook, Notes, March 1896 - February 1897

Notebook of Kynosarges excavations 1896-1897 which includes sketches and plans of the excavations, some folded inside book, and loose sheets of notes labelled, "Kynosarges Excavations. During C.S.' (Cecil Smith) absence- March 16-28, 1896."

Notes [KYN 4], Notes, 07 March 1967

1 page (written front and back) of notes regarding the BSA Excavations at Kynosarges in 1896

Photo of site [KYN 5], Photo of site, 1896-1897

Photograph of general view Kynosarges Excavations. On the back in pencil is written, "Photo No. 9"

Plan of tombs [KYN 6], Plan of tombs, 1896

Plan of tombs from Kynosarges. 1896 Season. Unpublished.

Plan of site [KYN 9], Plan of site, 1896-1897

Plan of the site. 1896-97 Season. Unpublished.

Plan of site [KYN 7], Plan of site, 1896-1897

1 plan of the site. Seasons 1896-1897. Unpublished

Plan of site [KYN 10], Plan of site, 1896-1897

1 plan of site. Season 1896-1897. Unpublished. Signed by C. Clark

Plan of site [KYN 11], Plan of site, 1896-1897

plan of site. Season 1896-1897.Unpublished.