Palaikastro: Larnax burials on cliff site

Department Archive
Collection BSA SPHS Image Collection
Reference No. BSA SPHS 03/3649.6016
Level Item
Description Glass lantern slide, standard 3.25 x 3.25 inch square.
Dimensions 8 x 8 cm
Place Palaikastro: South gravel ridge
Dates 1903
Donor/Creator The British School at Athens
Project Palaikastro Excavation 1902-1906
Scope and Content Part of a group of images from the British School at Athens excavations at Palaikastro, Crete in the 1902-1905. The original description in the SPHS negative register reads: "Palaikastro: Larnakes burials".
Notes Most likely dates to the second season of excavation in 1903 when W. Duckworth was present at the site and is photographed in BSA SPHS 01/4900.6019. He was working at two places: the South Gravel ridge near Roussolakkos which had been explored in the first season of work and yielded burials. The second was the rock shelter at Hagios Nikolaos. This is likely to come from the the "ossuary" site near Roussolakkos.
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Reference 1905 JHS 25: 1st accession to 1904 slide catalogue. lxiii.SPHS 6016. Link to article
1913 JHS 33: Catalogue of Slides. 26.SPHS 6016. Link to article