Djordje Stupori Monastery

Department Archive
Collection Byzantine Research Fund
Reference No. BRF/02/11/01/001
Level Item
Place Durdevi Stupovi
Dates 1903
Donor/Creator Durham, Mr L.
Scope and Content South view. The photograph is mounted and framed. It is signed and dated in ink at the back. Further annotation in ink survives.
Further information The monastic complex of Djordje Stupovi was built by Prvoslav, the son of King Nemanja’s brother, in the mid-12th c. (around 1166), close to Novi Pazar and Berana at the region of Sandzăk. It was dedicated to Hagios Georgios (St George). The Serbian king Dragutin restored the monastic complex which also functioned as the seat of a bishopic. The katholikon, which is the only building that has survived, was frescoed around the middle of the 12th c. in successive phases.