Extracts of Letters and Documents relative to the Writings of George Finlay''

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Collection George Finlay Papers
Reference No. FIN/GF/A/16
Level Item
Dimensions 19 x 25 cm
Dates December 1823 - 6 May 1854
Donor/Creator Finlay, George
Scope and Content Bound quires, handwritten, pp. 1-99 [+4 sides giving Preface and Contents]. Also loose note marking the FIN/GF/A/16 lost and then found.
'Extracts Letters and Documents relative to the Writings of George Finlay.' Listed by George Finlay as follows :
Extracts and Letters relative to George Finlay's life and writings
Hastings' Journal, meeting Finlay at Athens Decr 1823
Hastings to Finlay April 1828
Gordon to Hastings-Finlay's opinion
'The Times' reported death of Finlay 1828
James MacGregor to his mother [sending condolences on George Finlay's supposed death]
Lord Cochrane to Finlay congratulating him on being alive Octr 1828
Mr Contostavlos to Finlay on his pamphlet 'Essai sur les principes de banque' [1836]
Extract from the 'Journal de Smyrne'
Gordon to Finlay on his pamphlet The Hellenic Kingdom and the Greek nation 1836 [1837]
Mr. Robertson to Finlay [1837] Revd John Henry Hill to Finlay [1837]
Col Mure on Battle of Marathon 1842
Col Leake on Battle of Marathon
Mr Grote
Mr Freeman's Dedication [to George Finlay of his History of Federal Government]
Mr Clark's Dedication [to George Finlay of his Peloponnesus: Notes of Study and Travel]
Extracts from Letters from Professor Felton
24 Sepr 1854
23 Feby 1855
4 March 1855
29 Octr 1861
Mr Finlay to Professor Felton [1861]
Biographical sketch
[These entries give the text of the Inscription or Invitation]
I. Minister of War with Silver Medal of lndependence 14 (26) Feby 1836
II. Mr. Rudhart with Gold cross of Order of Redeemer of Greece 3 (15) June 1837
III. Diploma-Member of Natural History Society 1 (13) April 1836
IV. Archaiological Institute of Rome, corresponding member 4 March 1838
V. Diploma-Member of Archaiological Society of Athens 1 Sepr 1838
VI. Diploma-Member of American Antiquarian Society 23 Octr 1838
VII. Demarch of Athens. Election as Provincial Councillor of Attica 7 Decr 1841
VIII. Diploma-Corresponding member of Hellenic Archaiological Society 6 July 1848
IX. Diploma as Honorary Member of the Royal Society of Literature 8 Octr 1849
X. Diploma as LL.D of University of Edinburgh 6 May 1854
XI. List of the writings of George Finlay
XII. Inscription for the monument of Captain Hastings at Poros
Notes Greece was one of the last European countries to adopt the newer Gregorian calendar. For most of the nineteenth century, the Julian calendar was 12 days behind the Gregorian. British correspondents in the Finlay Collection tend to use the newer calendar. Letters with two dates 12 days apart, eg. 24 April / 6 May 1828, refer to both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.