Lithographed portraits, scenes, and various miscellaneous items

Department Archive
Collection George Finlay Papers
Reference No. FIN/GF/A/20
Level Item
Dimensions 34 X 43 cm
Donor/Creator Finlay, George
Scope and Content Brown mottle board, leather spine broken, tied with string, bound, paginated pp. 1-102+3 loose photographs (Gambetta, Thiers, and group with George Finlay) ; in poor condition.
Lithographed portraits, scenes, and various miscellaneous items. Items 1-70 were drawn, collected, and (probably) described by Lieut. Krazeisen, 1st Lieut. in the King's Regiment of Bavaria.
Εἰσητήριον διὰ τὸ ἀκπροατήριον τῆς Ἐθνοσυνελεύσεως
(Athens 8 November 1843) Amélie, Reine de la Grèce
Otho King of Greece, Ὄθων Βασιλεὺς τῆς Ἑλλάδος
Theodore Colocotroni
MS letter of J. Tombasi (Poros, 2 March 1828, in Greek, loose)
Giacomachi Tombasi
Thomas Gordon
Das Fort Palamydes mit einem Teil von Napoli di Romania
G. Conduriotis
Das Hafen Fort Bourdzi Bey Napoli di Romania
A. Mavrocordato (with signature and visiting card)
Andreas Miaulis: (with loose visiting card)
Autograph of Petros Mavromichalis
G. Mavromichalis
Beschiessung des Klosters St. Spiridione am Piraeus
MS letter of K. Kanaris to George Finlay (Athens 23 May 1861) (in Greek)
Kanaris (photograph) : note of George Finlay to Soteriades (loose)
G. Sissini
A. Schilcher
Ein Kapitan mit seinen Pallikaren im Gefechte
Karl van Heideck
(Col.) Fabvier
MS letter of K. Tzavellas to George Finlay (11 October 1843)
Kizzo Tzavellas
Die Fregatte Hellas und das Dampschiff
I. Milaitis
Die Acropolis van Athen
Short notes on portraits and scenes (in French and German) by Lieut. Krazeisen
Map of the surroundings of Athens (positions of Greek and Turkish forces 6 February-6 May 1827)
Miscellanea :
Small print of Lord Byron's monument in Hucknell Church near Newstead Abbey
Hastings (photograph of bust)
Clifford ( ,, ,, ,, )
Lithograph of I. Venthulos
(? Clephts) from Kossovo recognised by an Albanian Bey from Ochrida (A.J.B.W.) (in colour)
Dance (in colour)
A. Miaulis (photograph of bust)
Monasteriotes ( ,, ,, ,,)
Lord Byron
George Finlay (as a young man)
P. Mavromichalis
Street scene in Joannina (in colour)
Roza de Bozaris (demoiselle d'honneur de S.M. la Reine de Grèce)
Printed copy of Discourse, pronounced by Lieut. Col. A. H. Touret at the Funeral of C. Colocotronis (in French)
A. H. Touret (Philhellène français, Lieut. Col., with signature)
MS letter of Ephorate of Athens Archaeological Society to George Finlay (27 March 1861) thanking him for antiquities presented to the Society's museum (in Greek)
George Finlay (as a young man; with coat of arms)
Cutting from the Illustrated London News of 29 April 1854 (archaeological)
Cutting from the Illustrated London News of 10 November 1855
Cutting from the Illustrated London News of 14 February 1857
Cutting from the Illustrated London News of 14 February 1857
Cutting from the Illustrated London News of 16 February 1856
Document no. 6281 from the Military Governor of the Capital to the Nomarch of Attica and Boeotia by hand of George Finlay (Athens 7 April 1844) (loose; in Greek)
Water-colour of Pallikari
(In the back (loose) are 3 photographs: Group photo with George Finlay (undated), M. Thiers (1873), and Gambetta (1873))
Notes Greece was one of the last European countries to adopt the newer Gregorian calendar. For most of the nineteenth century, the Julian calendar was 12 days behind the Gregorian. British correspondents in the Finlay Collection tend to use the newer calendar. Letters with two dates 12 days apart, eg. 24 April / 6 May 1828, refer to both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.