Jacob P. Fallmerayer to George Finlay, 13 Mar 1851

Department Archive
Collection George Finlay Papers
Reference No. FIN/GF/B/06/055
Level Sub-item
Dimensions 19 x 26 cm
Dates 13 March 1851
Scope and Content Jacob P. Fallmerayer to George Finlay. Munich, 13 March 1851. Apologies for delay in reply to George Finlay's letter of 12 August 1850, due to travel, illness, and other hindrances. His pleasant experiences in Athens, Trebizond, and Colchis now blotted out by unfortunate political condition of Germany .and merged into the melancholy remembrances of a lost paradise. Discusses scenes decorating 'the monastic church' and their dissimilarity with the court style of the Comneni at Trebizond. His sketch of the portrait of the imperial founder of the St. Dionysios monastery on the Holy Mountain (Athos). Refers to his other work on Trebizond and regrets lack of interest in this in Germany (in German, Gothic script).
Notes Greece was one of the last European countries to adopt the newer Gregorian calendar. For most of the nineteenth century, the Julian calendar was 12 days behind the Gregorian. British correspondents in the Finlay Collection tend to use the newer calendar. Letters with two dates 12 days apart, eg. 24 April / 6 May 1828, refer to both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.