Keppel Craven Sketchbook

Department Archive
Collection Keppel Craven Personal Papers
Reference No. CRAV 1/1
Level Item
Dimensions 26 x 14 cm
Dates 1811-1813
Creator Craven, Hon Keppel Richard
Scope and Content This undated sketchbook was probably produced between 1811-1813 by Keppel Richard Craven during the Second Ionian Mission sponsored by the Society of Dilettanti, which he was on with William Gell and the architects John Peter (Deering) Gandy and Francis Bedford. The sketches in this notebook show landscapes, buildings and people, als well as plans, ships, and miscellaneous objects. Few of the drawings have identifications and some of those include Bounarbashi (modern Pınarbaşı) in the Troad. 'Mycone' (probably Mykonos), Patras, Zante (modern Zakynthos), and Corinth. There are also plans of the harbour of Valetta in Malta and the town of Clazomenae (modern Urla) in Asia Minor. Two letters dated 6.6.24 and 8.vii.24 from Thomas Ashby, Director of the British School at Rome, to Arthur Woodward, Director of the British School at Athens, discussing the acquisition of the sketchbook are pasted into the notebook at the end.