L.H. III Vase from Tomb 521

Department Archive
Collection Mycenae Excavation Records
Reference No. MYC 3/1/26/3
Level Item
Dimensions 33.6cm x 30cm
Place Ancient Mycenae
Dates 1920-1923
Collection event Mycenae Excavation 1920-1923
Scope and Content Watercolour drawing of Late Helladic III vase from Kalkani Cemetery, Tomb 521. The bottom part of the drawing shows an enlarged version of the iconography on the vase which shows abstract human and animal figures. It is labeled “1” on the front. MYC 3/1/26/1 - MYC 3/1/26/3 are all included in 1936 Exhibition collection: 1936 EXH - 111H
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[BSA SPHS 01/3304.C0472], Mycenae: Vase and its painted decoration from Tomb 521, Kalkani Cemetery, 1922
Reference Wace, A.J. B. 1932. Chamber tombs at Mycenae. 82. xiii, 242.
Wace, A.J. 1932. Chamber tombs at Mycenae. 82: Pl. XVIII.