Vase from Tomb 515

Department Archive
Collection Mycenae Excavation Records
Reference No. MYC 3/1/28/4
Level Item
Dimensions 10.3cm x 10.2cm
Place Mycenae: Kalkani Cemetery
Ancient Mycenae
Dates 1920-1923
Collection event Mycenae Excavation 1920-1923
Scope and Content Watercolour drawing of vase from the Kalkani Cemetery, Tomb 515. This only displays the bottom design. The vase itself is included as MYC 3/1/28/3. MYC 3/1/28/1 - MYC 3/1/28/4 are all included on a single plate
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[BSA SPHS 01/3263.C0363], Mycenae: Vases and Spindle Whorl from Tomb 515, Kalkani Cemetery, 1921
Reference Wace, A.J. B. 1932. Chamber tombs at Mycenae. 82. xiii, 242.