Bronze Knife from Western Portal of the Palace

Department Archive
Collection Mycenae Excavation Records
Reference No. MYC 4/11/3
Level Item
Dimensions 15cm x 32.3cm
Place Mycenae: Palace
Ancient Mycenae
Dates 1920-1923
Project Mycenae Excavation 1920-1923
Scope and Content Watercolour drawing of bronze knife from the room to the north of the western portal of the Palace. MYC 4/11/1 - MYC 4/11/3 are all included in 1936 Exhibition collection: 1936 EXH - 104H, along with MYC 4/10.
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Reference Wace, Alan J. 1921. Excavations at Mycenae. VIII. The Palace. 11. The Room N. of the Western Portal. BSA 25: 217-220. Direct link
1921. BSA 25: 220, fig. 40. Link to article