Stirrup-Vase from the East Basement of the Granary

Department Archive
Collection Mycenae Excavation Records
Reference No. MYC 3/1/17
Level Item
Dimensions 28.3cm x 28.5cm
Place Mycenae: Granary
Ancient Mycenae
Dates 1920-1923
Project Mycenae Excavation 1920-1923
Scope and Content Watercolour drawing of “Close Style” stirrup-vase with a frieze of "aquatic birds" found in East basement of the Granary. It has annotated labels: "2" on the front upper left corner in pencil and "c" underneath the vase in ink. A photograph of the vase represented in this drawings can be found as "g" on Pl. X of ABSA v. 25 (1921-23)
Related records [BSA SPHS 01/1701.4231], Mycenae: LHIII pottery from the Granary of South House, 1920
Reference Wace, Alan J. 1921. Excavations at Mycenae. VII. The Lion Gate and Grave Circle Area. 2. The Granary. BSA 25: 38-60. Direct link