William Gell Notebook

Department Archive
Collection William Gell Personal Papers
Reference No. GELL 4534.f
Level Item
Dimensions 8.5 x 12 cm
Dates 1805-1810
Creator Gell, Sir William
Scope and Content This notebook begins with miscellaneous notes about Eleusis including a few inscriptions, and a two-page inked sketch of the landscape of Athens. After this sketch, the notebook contains information on Gell’s itinerary (with numerous compass-bearings) from Athens to Smyrna, Chios, Samos, Bodrum, Didyma, Cnidus and Rhodes. Woodward (1926) dates this voyage from April to September 1812, ending when Gell landed at Rhodes. Woodward also indicated that some of the information was later published in various volumes of Antiquities of lonia published by the Society of Dilettanti. Interspersed with the descriptions are architectural drawings, inscriptions and plans.
Notes This corresponds to Woodward & Austin (1925) notebook (2) and discussed in further detail in Woodward (1926).
Reference Woodward, Arthur M. & Austin, Reginald P. 1925. Some Note-books of Sir William Gell-I. BSA 27: 67-80. Direct link
Woodward, Arthur M. 1926. Some Note-Books of Sir William Gell, Part II. BSA 28: 107-127. Direct link