Copy of a plan of the Palace with numbered sectors

Department Archive
Collection Knossos Excavation Records
Reference No. KNO 2414
Level Item
Place Palace of Minos
Scope and Content Photocopy of a plan of the Palace, labelled "Key to Plan, numbers refer to pages." which refers to the pages plotting slide locations. The original document is part of a bundle of notes that go along with some 1,300 slides made in the 1980s by Steve Townsend and then later donated to the Ashmolean Museum. This photocopy of the plan was included with original drawings in an envelope marked "Knossos Hood + Smyth Plans of Palace with Originals."
Notes Found together with KNO 2396-2415
Reference Hood, Sinclair M. & Taylor, William E. 1981. The Bronze Age Palace at Knossos, Plan and Sections. 13. 34 pp. + 4 plates + plans.