Mycenae: [Egyptian] vase with cartouche of Amenhotep III

Department Archive
Collection BSA SPHS Image Collection
Reference No. BSA SPHS 01/1978.5137
Level Item
Description Glass negative, approximately half plate size, a copy negative.
Condition Negative was cut along one side.
Dimensions 13 x 11 cm
Place Ancient Mycenae
Athens National Archaeological Museum
Dates Latest 1902
Donor/Creator The British School at Athens
Scope and Content The original description in the SPHS register reads: "BSA VIII 189. Vase with cartouche of Amenhetop III from Mycenae".
Notes The negative has a paper label attached which reads: "BSA viii. 189. Phylakopi p. 191". which provides the latest date of the image. The publication in BSA VIII (1901/1902) illustrates drawings of this pot on p. 189. According to Hall, it is from Mycenae, number 2491, s a small handleless vase of blue glazed faience with a design of lotus-leaves in alternating dark and light blue glaze, bearing the cartouche of Amenlhetep III. The Phylakopi reference may refer to an object that has been cut off of this negative.
Reference 1901. BSA 8: 189, figs 14 and 15. Link to article