Mycenae: Palace court

Department Archive
Collection BSA SPHS Image Collection
Reference No. BSA SPHS 01/2066.5513
Level Item
Description Glass negative, half plate size, a copy negative.
Dimensions 16 x 12 cm
Place Mycenae: Palace
Ancient Mycenae
Dates 1920-1923
Donor/Creator Unknown
Project Mycenae Excavation 1920-1923
Scope and Content The original description in the SPHS register reads: "Mycenae: Palace court".
Notes A group of images (SPHS 5513, 5517, 5520, 5552, 5553 and 5580) entered into the SPHS negative register without donor information are likely to be from the BSA's 1920-23 excavations at Mycenae. They are all similar to the images presented to the SPHS by the BSA from the excavations. SPHS 5552 is actually published in BSA vol. 25 in the account of the excavation. Date range is based on the excavations.