Mycenae: Vases from Tomb 518, Kalkani Cemetery

Department Archive
Collection SPHS BSA Image Collection
Reference No. BSA SPHS 01/3309.C0477
Level Item
Description The glass negative is a quarter plate size, a copy negative taken from a drawings.
Dimensions 10.5 x 8 cm
Place Mycenae: Kalkani Cemetery
Ancient Mycenae
Dates 1922
Creator The British School at Athens
Collection event Mycenae Excavation 1920-1923: Season 1922
Scope and Content Part of a collection of images of the BSA's 1920s excavations at Mycenae. The original description in the SPHS negative register reads: "Mycenae: Tomb 518, vases 279, 321, 270, 440, 278". Recorded in the register as from the 1922 season.
Notes Date is the year listed in the description of the image in the SPHS register. One pot on this photograph appear on the 1936 Exhibition panel 106 as e. Two further pots are shown on Exhibition panel 110 as d and f
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Reference Wace, A.J. 1932. Chamber tombs at Mycenae. 82: pl. XXXIX.
Wace, A.J. 1932. Chamber tombs at Mycenae. 82: Pl. XL.
1936 Exhibition Catalogue. 49.No. 106.
1936 Exhibition Catalogue. 49.No. 110d.
1936 Exhibition Catalogue. 49.No. 110f.