About Digital Collections

The Digital Collections of the British School at Athens contain a vast amount of material relating to the research and researchers of our institution right from its foundation through to the present day.

Much of the material in the BSA collections comes from the BSA’s landmark excavations in Greek archaeology: Knossos, Mycenae, Sparta, among others. Objects, plans, and even the diaries of the excavators give unprecedented access not only to these historically crucial sites, but they also offer a glimpse into the social history and lives of early BSA members. Likewise, our modern collections exemplify British Hellenic relations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Digital data continue to be generated, as our ongoing archaeological projects deposit new survey and excavation records with us every year. In addition, our Fitch Laboratory continues to process and analyse new samples of material and our archive collections continue to be digitised. Digital Collections links all of these records across time, and it allows users to see together old and new, the entire research history of the BSA.

Our goal is to make available via an integrated search platform object, archival and research data, organised by collections. Much of this material has already been studied or discussed generally in reports or articles, variously published in the Annual of the British School at Athens or via other venues. But Digital Collections gives researchers much closer access to the primary material.

Materials listed on this platform are located in either Athens or at Knossos. They are available for study, and information on obtaining the relevant permits is available here.

Digitisation and standardisation of BSA data in a collection management system is currently managed by Kostis Christakis (Knossos Research Centre), Amalia Kakissis (Archive), Evangelia Kiriatzi (Fitch Laboratory) and Michael Loy (Museum).

The Digital Collections website was developed in 2019-2020 by Chavdar Tzochev.

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