The aim of BSA Digital Collections is to draw together items donated, collected, or excavated by the School and its members in our integrated on-line database. Digital Collections allows for the search of material from across BSA departments (Archive, Fitch Laboratory, the Knossos Research Centre, and the Museum). More collections will be listed on this page as they become available online.

Please note that certain items may only have restricted web access.

The BSA continuously strives to improve the quantity and quality of the data contained within the online database. Please send us your comments on this website or report a technical issue to

BSA SPHS Image Collection

The SPHS photographic collection was amassed by The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies between 1891 and 1967 through the donation of images. It contained negatives, both glass and film in a variety of sizes, photographic prints and glass lantern slides. It contains both original and copy negatives. Index cards with small contact prints served as finding aids for the collection. It was designed as an image reference collection where images could be duplicated as either prints or slides and sold or lent to members.

The BSA SPHS Collection is part of the original SPHS photographic collection, selected by donors who were associated with the BSA or images of topographic interest, particularly in areas the BSA was known to have worked. The remainder of the extant SPHS collection went to the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archives (MIET-ELIA) in Athens. Documentation for this collection consists of 5 Negative registers (held in the SPHS offices in London), the published catalogues or accession lists of lantern slides in The Journal of Hellenic Studies, the Minute Book December 1949-January 1983 for the Photographic and Filmstrip Committee of the SPHS (held in the SPHS Library in London) and information contained on extant index cards.

Byzantine Research Fund (BRF)

The Byzantine Research Fund Archive (BRF) is a unique collection of architectural drawings, photographs and notebooks created from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century by a small team of British architects trained in the Arts & Crafts tradition whose studies of Byzantium shaped the Byzantine Revival in later years.

The collection contains over 1,500 drawings and 1,000 photographs, numerous notebooks and the corporate records associated with the Byzantine Research and Publication Fund, the original body created in 1907 to support this work. Although the Fund was associated with the BSA from the time it was founded, it was not until 1937 that the BSA formerly took over the property and operation of it. The BRF Archive contains records of Byzantine monuments in Greece, Turkey, Italy, the Near East, Egypt, and Cyprus. In some cases, the collection contains the only record of a monument before its destruction in modern times, the most important example being the church of Hagios Demetrios in Thessalonike which was almost completely destroyed in the Great Fire of 1917 shortly after being recorded by one of the BRF architects, Walter Sykes George. It also contains personal records of the following architects; Robert Weir Schultz, Sidney Howard Barnsley, Walter Sykes George, William Harvey, Harold Swainson, Peter Gus Corbett, and A.H.S (Peter) Megaw. The aspirations of the BRF Archive Project today are to make these materials accessible to a wide range of researchers.

Fitch Laboratory Botanical Samples

Archaeological Survey of the Knossos Area

BSA SPHS 01/2032.5235

Archaeological Survey of the Knossos Area

Sinclair Hood and David Smyth - 2.0

This digital version of the KS2 map shows places described in the 1981 catalogue of the Archaeology Survey of the Knossos Area by Sinclair Hood and David Smyth. To read the catalogue entries, click on one of the numbered locations. Note, some entries will have restricted access links to material held in the Stratigraphical Museum. Optional features are available by clicking on the icon in the top right corner to display the map in different formats (terrain and satellite view) and to show the original 1981 survey plan or a detailed plan of the Knossos North Cemetery excavations.


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Searching the collections

The main search bar on the front page of BSA Digital is for searching keywords. The broadest queries will return the greatest number of search results (e.g. ‘mycenae’, ‘athens acropolis’), while more specific criteria can also be used to build queries (e.g. ‘SPHS Sounion 1897’).

The advanced search menu can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Advanced search’ button. Depending on your selection of department or collection, some of the query fields might be unavailable, e.g. ‘material’ (a field used for Museum and Knossos objects only) will be unavailable when searching records in the Archive.

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Saving your searches

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Materials located in the BSA Museum, Archive, Fitch Laboratory and the Stratigraphical Museum-Knossos are available for in-house study by appointment only.

For material available in the BSA Digital Collections, you can click the ‘add to selection’ button on the bottom of each image of all the items you are interested in studying within a search result and email the list to yourself. See ‘Explore’ on this page for information on how to save search results. Once you have emailed the list from BSA Digital Collections to yourself, the reference/object number can be copy/pasted it into the ‘Materials/Collection’ box in the appropriate form.

Study applications must be made to individual departments with the appropriate material. Forms and further instructions about the study application can be found below via the relevant department:

A study permission to examine materials, if granted, does not include permission to publish those materials. Please see the ‘Rights’ tab for more information.



Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish, display, reproduce, perform, distribute, or prepare derivative works from them. Researchers who plan to publish their work are urged to make inquiry concerning possible restrictions before beginning their research. Researchers shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions, clearances or consents necessary to publish. The holder of the original copyright is not necessarily the British School at Athens.


A separate application to publish material can be downloaded from here. Fill this form out electronically and email it as a MS Word document to: Please note: publication permission applications cannot be processed without all of the information requested. Information regarding Use Fees will be sent to you once the application process begins.


If you require reproductions to be sent to you, please state this on your study and/or publication form. Information regarding Reproduction Fees will be sent to you once the application process begins.


The British School at Athens is not legally liable for copyright, privacy, or publicity infringement when materials are wrongfully used after being provided to researchers for ‘fair use’.