BSA SPHS Image Collection

A photographic reference and loan collection amassed in the late 19th-mid 20th century by the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies that includes photographs from the British School at Athens documenting early BSA research.

Byzantine Research Fund (BRF)

The Byzantine Research Fund Archive (BRF) is a unique collection of architectural drawings, photographs and notebooks created from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century by a small team of British architects trained in the Arts & Crafts tradition whose studies of Byzantium shaped the Byzantine Revival in later years.

Emily Penrose Personal Papers

The personal diary of Emily Penrose (1858-1942), eldest daughter of Francis Cranmer Penrose the first Director of the British School at Athens, written from March 1887 to September 1888. The entries record her time living in Greece from March to November 1887 and, later, her family’s journey through Italy on their return home to Britain.

Kynosarges Excavation Records

In early 1896 Cecil Smith, Director of the British School at Athens, was looking for a site to excavate in Athens for two reasons: for the BSA to contribute to the knowledge of Athenian topography and, more so perhaps, to use the opportunity as a training ground for students who would then move on to the BSA excavations being planned on the island of Melos.

Archaeological Survey of the Knossos Area

Catalogue information linked to a map of archaeological discoveries in the Knossos valley since Arthur Evans's excavations from the second edition of the Archaeology Survey of the Knossos Area by Sinclair Hood and David Smyth.

Fitch Laboratory Botanical Samples

The Fitch Laboratory Seed Reference Collection includes over 2100 different species and subspecies of plants commonly found in archaeological sites in Greece.