BSA SPHS Image Collection

The SPHS photographic collection was amassed by The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies between 1891 and 1967 through the donation of images. It contained original or copy negatives (both glass and film in a variety of sizes), photographic prints, and glass lantern slides. Index cards with small contact prints served as a catalogue for the collection. It was designed as an image reference collection where images could be duplicated as either prints or slides and sold or lent to members.

The BSA SPHS Collection is part of the original SPHS photographic collection, selected by donors who were associated with the BSA or images of topographic interest, particularly in areas the BSA was known to have worked. The remainder of the extant SPHS collection went to the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archives (MIET-ELIA) in Athens. Documentation for this collection consists of 5 Negative registers (held in the SPHS offices in London), the published catalogues or accession lists of lantern slides in The Journal of Hellenic Studies, the Minute Book December 1949-January 1983 for the Photographic and Filmstrip Committee of the SPHS (held in the SPHS Library in London) and information contained on extant index cards.