Studying the collections

Materials located in the BSA Museum, Archive, Fitch Laboratory and the Stratigraphical Museum-Knossos are available for in-house study by appointment only.

There are two ways to make an online request. For material available in the BSA Digital Collections, while browsing the website, you can click the ‘add to selection’ button associated with the relevant item for all the items you are interested in studying. When you visit this page again and select the "Online Request" button below, those items will automatically be included. On the resulting request form, you can add material that is not yet available on Digital Collections in the free text field labelled ‘Additional information.'

Alternately, if you wish to make a request without first selecting items from the website, just click the "Online Request" button below.

Further information about collections and applications can be found below via the relevant department:

The BSA Archive
The Fitch Laboratory
The Knossos Research Centre
The BSA Library
The BSA Museum

A study permission to examine materials, if granted, does not include permission to publish those materials.

Rights and restrictions


Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish, display, reproduce, perform, distribute, or prepare derivative works from them. Researchers who plan to publish their work are urged to make inquiry concerning possible restrictions before beginning their research. Researchers shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions, clearances or consents necessary to publish. The holder of the original copyright is not necessarily the British School at Athens.


A separate application to publish material can be downloaded from here. Fill this form out electronically and email it as a MS Word document to: Please note: publication permission applications cannot be processed without all of the information requested. Information regarding Use Fees will be sent to you once the application process begins.


If you require reproductions to be sent to you, please state this on your study and/or publication form. Information regarding Reproduction Fees will be sent to you once the application process begins.


The British School at Athens is not legally liable for copyright, privacy, or publicity infringement when materials are wrongfully used after being provided to researchers for ‘fair use’.