The British School at Athens Pantheon: A Lego Classicists Exhibition

Sponsors and supporters of the Lego Classicists Exhibition

With sincere gratitude to the sponsors who helped make this exhibition possible:

  • SmallRig
  • Stevie English Hair
  • Genesys Australia
  • Lynette Jensen Collection

Patreon Supporters (AKA The Lego Classicists Community)

  • Dr. Samantha Masters
  • Ilaria Marchesi
  • Tracy Rabaiotti

And, special thanks to:

  • Prof. John Bennet
  • Ken Wilson
  • Lynette Jensen
  • Jesse Jensen-Kohl
  • Jeni Diekman
  • Jenny Chan
  • Kate Barron
  • Rachel Salib
  • Dr. Leonie Matthews
  • Dr. Sean Griffin
  • Prof. John O’Sullivan
  • Dr. Paul Donnelly