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Excavation Notebook, Notes, Letter [KYN 1], Excavation Notebook, Notes, Letter, 1896

Notebook with site notes and other loose notes inserted in middle of notebook as well as 1 letter in the back

Excavation Notebook, Notes [KYN 3], Excavation Notebook, Notes, March 1896 - February 1897

Notebook of Kynosarges excavations 1896-1897 which includes sketches and plans of the excavations, some folded inside book, and loose sheets of notes labelled, "Kynosarges Excavations. During C.S.' (Cecil Smith) absence- March 16-28, 1896."

Plan of site [KYN 10], Plan of site, 1896-1897

1 plan of site. Season 1896-1897. Unpublished. Signed by C. Clark