Karytaina Bridge

Department Archive
Collection Byzantine Research Fund
Reference No. BRF/02/01/11/004
Level Item
Place Karytaina Frankish Fortress
Dates 1891-1897
Creator Leaf, Mr Walter
Scope and Content View of the bridge and the chapel. Further annotation in pencil survives at the back of the photograph. Donated by Leaf. W?
Further information The barony of Karytaina was established in 1205 by Geoffrey I de Villehardouin and remained in Frankish hands until 1320/5 when it was captured by the Byzantines. The bridge of Karytaina on the Alpheios river, which runs to the east of the protruding part of the Karytaina castle hill, was more than fifty metres in length with five arches. According to a dedicatory inscription that was revealed in 1837, the bridge was extensively rebuilt in 1440 by Raul Manuel Meliki who added a small double-apsed chapel to the west side. The chapel was dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin. It was frescoed in two successive phases.
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