British School at Athens: Director's House from the Garden

Department Archive
Collection BSA SPHS Image Collection
Reference No. BSA SPHS 01/0455.1901
Level Item
Description Glass negative, full plate size, a copy negative.
Dimensions 21.5 x 16 cm
Place British School at Athens
Dates 1887-1888
Donor/Creator Smith, Mr Ravenscroft Elsey
Scope and Content One of a group of images relating to the British School at Athens: buildings and setting, scholars and students. The original description in the SPHS register reads: "Athens: The British Archaeological School from the garden.".
Notes The date is based on R. Elsey Smith's residence in the BSA 1887-1888 (BSA Annual Report 1889-90, p. 25). The Upper House which is shown was built in 1886 and appears to be a new building. By comparison to a similar image of the Director's House from the Byzantine Research Fund (BSA BRF WI.E-40) which was taken in c. 1889-90. This images displays less mature foliage and fewer added on features such as an arbor and flag poles. Woman on the balcony may be wife of F.C. Penrose who was director from 1886-1887, which would make the 1887 date more likely.