Hagios Andreas

Department Archive
Collection Byzantine Research Fund
Reference No. BRF/01/01/01/005
Level Item
Place Hagios Andreas
Dates 1888-1890
Donor/Creator Weir Schultz, Mr Robert
Barnsley, Mr Sidney Howard
Scope and Content Clockwise from top left: East elevation, West elevation, North elevation, Longitudinal section. The item as a whole is entitled: 'Church of Saint Andrew', 'Athens'. The five drawings are captioned sequentially: 1.'East End', 2. 'West End', 3. 'North Section', 4. 'Long Section'.
Further information The three-aisled basilica of Hagios Andreas, which was located in the courtyard of the contemporary Metropolis of Athens, was the katholikon of the Hagia Philothei nunnery. The nunnery was named after Rigoula Venizelou (later St Philothei, d. 1589) of the powerful Venizelos family who served there as a nun. The church and the monastic buildings, which were restored by the saint in 1550, suffered extensive damage during the 1821 War of Independence, were demolished in 1890 and a new church was erected on the same site in 1893. Parts of the wall-paintings which decorated the monastic buildings are kept in the Byzantine Museum of Athens. Icons by the post-Byzantine painter Emmanuel Tzanes decorated the interior of the church.