Panagia Church - Katholikon

Department Archive
Collection Byzantine Research Fund
Reference No. BRF/01/01/04/063
Level Item
Place Hossios Loukas Monastery
Dates 1890?
Creator Weir Schultz, Mr Robert
Barnsley, Mr Sidney Howard
Scope and Content Capitals of pillars of windows (upper row), Katholikon - Capitals of triple arcades (middle row), Panagia church - Capital and base of window (lower row left), Katholikon - Capital and shaft of arcade (lower row right). The drawing is entitled: 'Monastery of St Luke of Stiris Phocis' - 'Details of Capitals'. It is labelled as follows: 'Capitals of Pillars of Double Windows' (upper row), 'Capitals of Shafts of Triple Arcades in Interior of Great Church' (middle row), 'Capital and Base of mullion in Window of Central Apse of Small Church' (lower row left) and 'Capital of Shaft of Arcade in Interior of Great Church' (lower row right).
Reference The Monastery of Saint Luke of Stiris, in Phocis, and the dependent monastery of Saint Nicolas in the Fields, near Skripou, in Boeotia. pl.26a.