Draft manuscript of article for the Late Minoan 'Kitchen' at Makritikhos

Department Archive
Collection Knossos Excavation Records
Reference No. KNO 1192
Level Item
Place Makritikhos Kitchen
Dates 1951
Donor/Creator Hood, Mr Sinclair Martin F.
Scope and Content Typed draft manuscript with notes of the publication, "A Late Minoan 'Kitchen' at Makritikhos (Knossos)." BSA 53-54 (1958-1959): 182-193.
Reference Hood, Sinclair M. & De Jong, Elizabeth Frederika Prins. 1958. A Late Minoan III 'Kitchen' at Makritikhos (Knossos) (Knossos Survey 90). BSA 53/54: 182-193. Direct link