Sparta: Drawing of the theatre by David Le Roy (1758)

Department Archive
Collection BSA SPHS Image Collection
Reference No. BSA SPHS 02/1/8130.C2537
Level Item
Description Small print photograph pasted onto an index card, originally part of the SPHS image library catalogue.
Dimensions 16.5 x 11 cm (index card)
Place Sparta Theatre
Ancient Sparta
Dates 1924
Donor/Creator The British School at Athens
Project Sparta Excavation 1924-1927
Scope and Content Part of the collection of images, 1924-1927, of the British School at Athens excavations at Sparta, Laconia. The original description in the SPHS register reads: "Le Roy, Les Ruines de la Grece I pl. 13 Theatre at Sparta".
Notes Date is the year listed in the description of the image in the SPHS register, however, the date of the publication (Le Roy 1758) from which it was taken is much earlier. The caption on the index card reads "Sparta. 1924. Theatre in the XVIII th century (from Le Roy)." This index card is part of the BSA Sparta Theatre Collection, Waywell & Wilkes (Inventoried 2019).
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Reference Le Roy, D. 1758. Les ruines des plus beaux monuments de la Grèce. 2 vols.: pl. 27.