Details of Hagios Philippos, Megalo Monastiri, Hagios Ioannis ho Prodromos, and the Panagia church.

Department Archive
Collection Byzantine Research Fund
Reference No. BRF/01/01/01/254
Level Item
Place Athens
Hagios Ioannes ho Theologos
Pantanassa Monastiri-Monasteiraki
Panagia Gorgoepikoos
Dates 1888-1890
Donor/Creator Weir Schultz, Mr Robert
Barnsley, Mr Sidney Howard
Scope and Content Clockwise from top left: Ground plan, West elevation of the church of Hagios Philippos, Ground plan, West elevation, North-east elevation of Megalo Monastiri, West elevation, Transverse section, Ground plan, Longitudinal section of the church of Hagios Ioannis ho Prodromos, Dome plan, Architectural members (mouldings) and Dome elevation of the Panagia church. Further annotation in ink survives.