Turquie D'Asie. Western Anatolia.

Department Library
Collection Map Collection
Object number Section 37, No. 6 (c)
Object Map     
Description Coloured Map. Turquie D'Asie. Feueille 1, part of a series of 4 out of 8 map sheets. French Service Géographique de l'Armée.
Series Title Turquie D'Asie
Place Aegean Region (Turkey)
West Marmara Region
East Marmara Region
Mediterranean Region (Turkey)
North Aegean Islands
Dodecanese Islands
South Aegean Islands
Publication French Service Topographique de l'Armée.
Scale 1:,1,000,000
Coordinates 41 30 00 N; 026 00 00 E
35 20 00 N; 030 10 00 E
Notes The map uses the Paris Meridian. The series conjoin, but they are not all the same width and not all oriented to the same latitude coordinates. The remaining four sheets (Feuille No. 5 to 8) are not in the BSA collection.