45-41 Rodosto

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Collection Map Collection
Object number Section 38, No. 18
Object Map     
Description Coloured Map. Geripp. Korp. E. Gautsch. Terrain: Offiz. R. Fischbacher und Offiz. K. Ginzkey. Teilweise berichtigt bis 24. X. 1915
Series Title Austrian Military Generalkarte of Central Europe (revised)
Place Tekirdağ
West Marmara Region
Publication Austrian Military Geographical Institute. 1915.
Scale 1:200,000
Coordinates 41 30 00 N; 026 50 00 E
40 30 00 N; 027 50 00 E
Notes The Austrian Generalkarte grid uses the Ferro Meridian which is approximately 18 degrees West of Greenwich. The line of longitude runs through the westernmost Canary Island, El Hierro (Ferro, or sometimes called the Meridian Island). This was a common Prime Meridian used in historical maps produced outside of the British Empire.