Amphissa Castle

Department Archive
Collection Byzantine Research Fund
Reference No. BRF/02/01/04/002
Level Item
Place Amphissa
Dates 1905-1909
Donor/Creator Traquair, Mr Ramsay
Scope and Content The castle - View from the south with landscape. Further annotation in pencil survives at the back of the photograph.
Further information Amphissa castle, also known as the castle of Orias or Salona castle, was named after the Frankish barony of Salona which was established in the region after the conquest of Greece by the Venetians in 1204, and was built by the Franks on the restored acropolis of the ancient city during the first decades of the 13th c. It is one of the largest and most complex castles in the Mediterranean basin. Ancient spolia, which were abundant on the location, were used for its construction. The fortification walls, main gate, so-called tower of the Queen, highest tower of the castle and the Frankish church still survive in situ. The castle was conquered by the Katalans in the early 14th c. and, finally fell to the Turks in 1397.