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WASAP: West Area of Samos Archaeological Project


The goal of this project was to explore the use and occupation of the wider Samian landscpae beyond the main urban and cultic centres in the eastern area. The western area of Samos has not yet been the subject of systematic archaeological survey. Previous surveys have been extensive and informal (e.g., Shipley in the 1980s) or have also focused on particular types of remains (e.g., Delli 2010s survey focused on late antique and Byzantine fortresses). This preliminary work has identified some key sites and monuments, indicating the region would be a fruitful one for further study. WASAP’s aim is, therefore, to investigate landscape use and settlement patterns in western Samos. This project will shed important light on an island economy and its society. WASAP will give voice to the ancient inhabitants of western Samos’ rural and mountain landscapes and will help articulate the position of the island in a wider Anatolian-Aegean seascape.

Active in 2021.

WASAP: West Area of Samos Archaeological Project (Fieldwork)

WASAP: West Area of Samos Archaeological Project, Season 2021 (Survey)

Christophilopoulou, Dr Anastasia