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Cyprus, Anatolia & Constantinople 1910

Hasluck took a sabbatical from his duties as Assistant Director of the British School at Athens in 1909-1910. After a time in India, Hasluck travelled to Cyprus where he spent three weeks touring Larnaca, Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta. He then crossed over to Mersina, starting at the Cilician Gates and then proceeding by rail to Nidge, Caesarea Mazaca (modern Kayseri), Sivas, Tokat and Amasia (Amasya) as well as short diversion to the rock-cut monuments of Soghanli and Göeme. From Samsun on the Black Sea coast, he travelled to Constantinople to photograph monuments. The account of his tour in the Annual Meeting of Subscribers of the British School at Athens for the 1909/1910 session indicates that numerous monuments - such as the Aqueduct of Valens and the Column of Marcian - had been made accessible by recent fires. It is likely that he also made a study and photographed the old walls of Constantinople at the same time.

Active in 1910.

Cyprus, Anatolia & Constantinople 1910 (Project)


Hasluck, Dr Frederick William